On this page, I have shared (and will keep on doing in future) my work that was published on paper or electronic media.

4. Saudi Insurance industry -- 2016 (first 9 months) Peer and Competitor Analysis report

Saudi insurance market and competition analysis is a comprehensive report I developed in 2016. The duration covered is from Jan 2016 to Sep 2016. The report compares the performance made by all 33 players in insurance market vs similar parameters in 2015.

Download the deck here.

3. Idea Inspiration

Good companies invest heavily in its employees; and future employees. The best of them even refresh their company vision and purpose based on direct feedback from their employees. This is because company’s vision and values must be ‘lived’ by its employees for them to incorporate them into their decisions and actions. In this presentation, I have flourished this idea in a systematic approach

Download the presentation here.

2. Retail Reporting Roadmap (Business Intelligence based model)

In this presentation, I have formulated a model through which reporting in Retail business must be performed based on high-tech BI (Business Intelligence) technologies. The model consists of a combination of tools I developed and some off-shelf applications (like Tableau) all integrated to obey the principles of BI.

The immediate business benefit of the model is insight-giving reports and dashboards (examples included) which will enable the executive management reach informed and right decision at the very right moment of time. 

Download the presentation here.

1. My HRMS (Human Resources Management System) software pamphlet

I developed a software on the cutting edge technology back in 2010. Here is the pamphlet.

Download the PDF here

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